Studio Sukhino is taking break. If you are interested in custom work please reach out to We are taking projects on a case by case basis.

FAQ - Commissions

General Questions

Q: Can you do a custom project for me? 

A: Definitely! We make custom projects all the time. From jewelry stands to LED business signs to baby hand shapes. Check out the gallery here and see our past work. We can create something unique and different - if you have something in mind let's discuss! 

Q: What materials do you use? 

A: Wood is main material used to make products. We use baltic birch wood, which is certified sustainable and locally acquired wood. 

Q: Where are your products made?

A: Our products are made in-house in Atlanta, GA out of certified sustainable wood. 

Q: Where are you located? 

A: In Atlanta, GA. This business started in a studio apartment in Nashville, TN and is now located in Atlanta, GA with way more space to create more.

Q: Is everything really handmade? 

A: Yes! When we say handmade we really mean handmade. Each product starts as a sheet or piece of wood and is transformed into the products you see on the site. All products are at minimum hand sanded, hand finished, and all designs are made in house.