Who is the Owner?

I am Taneisha Gordon, Designer and Owner of Studio Sukhino. My passion lies with design and business and shows with the Bachelor of Architecture earned from Tuskegee University and Masters in Business Administration from Vanderbilt University. Studio Sukhino is my joy, my happiness, and my freedom because it is centered around the love I have for designing products and owning a business. I take pride in this business and the designs created and I know that you will find something you love. Studio Sukhino aims to help people take a breath and take time to use and create things that reflect their souls.

Background Story

Back in 2014, I started my first corporate job and was miserable. I was mildly depressed, developed anxiety, and my health was quickly deteriorating due to stress. The feeling of mediocrity crossed my mind constantly - deep down I knew working for someone wasn't for me. Adopting a mindset influenced by the peace mantra, "Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu", I began to let go of everything that weighed me down. I soon realized my happiness comes from doing what I love, thus Studio Sukhino was born. 

About Studio Sukhino

Now based in Atlanta, Studio Sukhino has refocused and takes time to create some quality handmade wood goods, but places most of the time and attention on creating wood art, installations, branded products, and backdrops.  

Sukhino seeks to positively impact individuals, businesses, and organizations with artwork and products that are motivational, encouraging and empowering, as well as eye-catching and one-of-a-kind.

Studio Sukhino started with one goal in mind: to provide a sense of freedom and happiness. The word sukhino is derived from the hindi language and means centered in happiness and joy and free from suffering, which translates to a lifestyle and business that wants to spread a positive light of freedom and happiness. Studio Sukhino is providing a sense of freedom and happiness for me (the owner) and strives to provide that same type of freedom for other individuals, businesses, organizations, and so on. 

Why handcrafted goods? I love to use my hands. There is something about making a custom piece by hand that makes it that much more special. I put a ton of care, time, and thought into everything I produce and want everyone to enjoy and love them. 

Why wood? Every piece of wood is natural and unique, just like all of us. None of us is exactly alike and the same applies to wood. You will never find one piece of wood that looks like the other, which makes each and every product that is produced distinct. Wood also creates this elegant, simplistic, and timeless look that will make you delighted to use, see, and experience our products and services.